'Versus/Verses' is the first collection of poems written by Andrei Rus. It is the story of the poet facing his darkest fears arising from his personal struggles. The author explores the more obscure aspects of the mind, diving into an abyss of memories, fears, desperation and uncertainty.

Not only a collection of poems, but of conflicting ideas, 'Versus/Verses' focuses on themes such as pain, regret and sadness, but also love, hope, change and overcoming adversity, giving readers an insight into the poet's most personal thoughts and dreams. It is an anthology of life experiences, to which the author applies heavy poetic filters, but also of fictional works unbound by physical reality.

Ferociously sincere, Andrei's work is cathartic in nature, allowing him to express his deepest thoughts and emotions through verses, through words.

'Versus/Verses - A Collection of Poems' is available now on Amazon in ebook format and is compatible with Amazon Kindle devices as well as Apple and Android tablets and smartphones, through the Amazon Kindle app.